Celebrity Apprentice Meets iMovie

Celebrity Apprentice Meets iMovie

I had to share a wonderful way that iMovie technology was utilized in my classroom this past week. I teach a Computers in Business elective to my high school students. For the fourth marking period I am doing some project based learning Celebrity Apprentice style in which the students are put into teams and given an authentic task to execute. In this particular task my students were required to design a vacation experience to Puerto Rico. One group had a romance theme while the other had an adventure theme. The task had many components: first they had create a bulletin board in the classroom, then they were given a $20 budget that they had to use to promote their vacation experience to the panel of judges. The adventure team chose to spend $20 buying Taco Bell for the judges while the romance team spent the $20 making virgin Pina Coladas to serve to the guests. The icing of the cake was the creative way in which both teams used technology. They were both required to create 60 second videos in iMovie to enhance their presentation. I was impressed my the originality of the iMovies as well the ability of my students to think out of the box. Thanks to iMovie for enriching the learning process for myself and my students.


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