Infuse Learning

On Friday we had a half day and I was able to give a short assignment related to various technology related activities that I wanted to teach to a group of 20 staff members with whom I am running a full day PD workshop with next month.  In the assignment I had them look at Blubbr TV, I Understood It, Time Glider, Tiny URL, and Infuse Learning and evaluate which tool they thought would be the most valuable to them in the classroom.  The was an overwhelming response in favor of Infuse Learning.  Infuse Learning is like Socrative but with some twists.  As a math teacher I particularly like the draw function where every student in the class can solve a equation and show me their work on the IPAD.  This type of technology makes it easy to address and correct misunderstanding.  Kudos to Infuse… I look forward to training the teachers in it next month.


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