Teaching IMOVIE 101 Lights Camera Action Workshop

This week I had the good fortune to teach an IMOVIE 101 Lights, Camera, Action Workshop to a group of teachers in my district.  I had taught the course in the past but not since the teachers had the ability to use IMOVIE trailer with the upgraded IOS.  It always amazes me how the professionals I work with are so creative and eager to learn more about technology.  The group consensus was that students will be even Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 4.58.40 PMmore enthusiastic about using IMOVIE trailer.  The teachers really enjoyed the partner assignment that I gave them at the end of the day asking them to tell a story about the events that had transpired in the workshop in IMOVIE.  From a curation standpoint it was interesting to see how the same storyline looked different when placed in the Coming of Age, Superhero, or Scary Movie trailer template.  I had a group of teachers with very diverse content areas such as Chemistry, Personal Finance& Economics, Spanish, and World History.  I look forward to hearing about and seeing the products that they create with students in their classrooms…


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