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Please take a moment to comment on what subject you teach and how you can use IMOVIE in your subject area…



  1. I teach personal finance and history. I can use iMovie to to provide an interpersonal means by which my students can make a presentIon and demonstrate their understanding. It also provides a forum by which students must paraphrase all of the information they know and correlate its concepts to pictures and objects they find on the Internet. Their speech provides a justification for this.

  2. Very interesting presentation, this is learning by doing. The hands on approach worked better for me. This is not as difficult as I had imagined. This app will be fun to use. I liked seeing how to transfer the i-movie from the i-pad to the Mac.

  3. Very cool workshop – am excited to use in my Spanish classroom. Am always looking for creative ways to encourage student conversation!

  4. I teach Video Production, Messages in Media and Writing for Radio and TV. I can anticipate using I-Movie in my media class and the writing class. Earlier in the year, the writing class wrote and taped commercials for TV. Since I was not familiar with how to use I-Movie, I could not help them with the project. Being familiar with it now, I can first explain it ti the class, and then hopefully, the projects will look much better.
    I will also be able to incorporate it into the media class.
    The TV class will continue to use the professional equipment the we have, and I cannot anticipate using I-Movie in that class.

  5. I teach World History and US 1 History. I would like to have my students make a commercial on some subject in history. Right now, I am thinking of a commercial of an invention of the Industrial Revolution.
    I may also use it to teach my elementary students in basic skills Language Arts Literacy.

  6. I am a Special Education Spanish and Language Arts teacher. I think iMovie is a great educational tool and is useful for all content areas. I will use iMovie with my students to create alternate endings and predictions to novels, create a Spanish movie dialogue and much more. I believe this will help engage students and hit the different modalities of learning.

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